The Importance of Mortgage Insurance

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Published: 19th January 2011
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One of the best things a person can give himself is a house. It is a very important yet very expensive
investment one can attain. Some individuals even consider it as one of the best asset one can claim.
Besides, having your own form of shelter is one of life’s basic necessities. This is the primarily the reason
why a lot of people save up their money to be able to acquire their own house. Some people even save
quite a big amount from their savings just to be able to their own house. However, sometimes things
may not happen the way you expect them to be. Fortuitous events may occur which is out of your

People may lose their jobs due to a plummeting economy; some may encounter calamities and
disasters, while some might just experience bankruptcy. Should these things happen, you should always
be ready. One current real fact is that United Kingdom’s economy has been greatly affected by the
world financial crisis as well which start in America. People had to cut some costs at a certain point in
time in different aspects of their lives. But how about in your housing and mortgage expenses, what can
a person do to be able to save money while at the same time being able to pay for the house of their

Given that there is a risk of unemployment roaming around; it implies that incomes of certain
individuals may be affected as well. If this happens, how will one pay for his or her house mortgages?
Certain failures in paying your mortgages may strip you off your dream house. To be able to prevent
these kinds of things from happening you may protect yourself and your assets by means of acquiring a
mortgage payment protection insurance policy.

This insurance cover will help you ensure that your house will not be repossessed should unexpected
unemployment, job redundancy, and accidents happen you are still able to pay for your mortgage dues.
For example, if a serious illness occurs and prevents you from working over a certain period of time or if
you experience an accident which permanently disables you from working, you are guaranteed that you
mortgage dues will be continuously paid since your insurance will pay it for you. Once the insurance is
activated, it will become active in a month’s time as soon as your previous employer confirmed that you
lost your job already for reasons which are beyond your control.

The payments which you will get will not be going to your own pocket as they will go straight directly to
the mortgage providers as paid by your insurance company. However, payment arrangements and other
processes with regard to your payments may differ depending on your provider. In addition to that,
there is prescribed period of 12 months for your insurance provider to pay all the necessary payments.
However, some providers often provide set periods within the range of 6 months up to as long as 2

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